Sunday, August 9, 2009


DATE : 08/08/2009 (Saturday- Sunday)
TIME : 10.00 Pm up to 3.00Pm
VENUE : METROPOL, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P.Ramlee

Just nak share a great moments with my followers..... it was such a fantastic moments to us especially to the birthday gurl, Dhina.... Happy Birthday. In addition, some of us was totally has loosen up their insanity even me.. Lol.... :)

herewith, are some of the great moments taken on frame. Hope this unforgetable memories wont easily forget...

cheers to Dhina, may god bless u.

this was taken, before the music turn us down. of coz with some of the imported tea is served. hehehe

The color of the theme was supposed to be red and white.....

sherry was teasing at the "lamborgini".. " setakat benda ni, sepam dua je dah habis, duhhhhh"

what a life without the puff....

How i miss Miss Kelly Nabila, she was hot even after she got drunk... " what a boops she has". lol.

Such a wonderful crowd guys..... lovely....

All the single ladies except, sherry... Duhhhh..

Right at the corner, these was a bunch of available bachelor....... which one do u prefer? hrmmmm... none to me... lol.

Sherry, myself and dhina have lost our earings.....tak sedar dah ilang sebelah....... by the way, i wanna convey my applogies to those fren who helped me during i was drunk that nite...i had troubled u guys. papah me to the gents and walk me down to the basement and sent me home, thanks to mimi, syerry and hafiz.. u guys were my hero that nite..... lol... ehhehhe.
and to the cleaner as well....... happy moping ... lalalalalalalaala...